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Lyn Ericson

"Beatriz is a natural born teacher and makes learning fun!"

Lorraine Mickalson Ortal

"Wonderful Teacher! In her programs, you learn so much more than just the words in Spanish. Cultural and social cues are so important to communication and Beatriz covers them well!"

Joanne Alba

"First, I want to tell you how much I am enjoying class - ¬°Muy bueno! I feel like I am learning a lot in a short period of time! I even had dreams of Spanish words last night!"

Shelly Call

"You are the best language teacher I have ever had, and maybe the best teacher period. Am looking forward to being in one of your classes again."

Pat Frishkoff

"My husband and I were taking private lessons from Beatriz. She is a superb and challenging instructor. She has many materials already for the class, PLUS she takes in every request that we have related to our trip and integrates words and phrases into the curriculum. She pushes us to immerse ourselves in the language. So far we have watched a soap opera and a cartoon, in addition to repeating many, many phrases when working privately with her."

Judy Sawyer

"I have been taking an Advanced Beginner's Spanish conversation class with Beatriz Robles Kieser for several weeks now and I love it! Beatriz is a wonderful teacher, with a great sense of humor, so she makes the classes fun. She als knows how to talk to us at our own level, encourages exchanges of stories from our own lives, and challenges us with new words and concepts we need in everyday conversation. She also gives us written homework. These involve translating from Spanish to English and English to Spanish; short essays that we write in Spanish using both regular and irregular verbs; and a word game in which we compete with each other to find categories of words beginning in different letters of the alphabet. The classes are small -- anywhere from three to eight people -- so everyone has a chance to speak and to interact in Spanish. Very, very inspiring, as we develop our ear for the language and begin to lose our fear of speaking it."

"I heartly recommend Beatriz as "the maestro with the most" to anyone who wants to have a working knowledge of the Spanish language."

Blyth Carpenter

"Russ and I love Spanish, and we have ended up with a remarkable Eugene teacher. Beatriz Robles Kieser has been teaching locally for a long time in various venues, and no doubt some of you already know and love her. She is spectacular, in that she makes language class so darn much fun while students are also mastering new topics and vocabulary. She is bright, funny, kind, and simply an unusually gifted teacher. She never embarrasses us, no matter how ridiculous our errors. Her sense of humor is nonstop, and the class becomes a community of people who end up enjoying and caring about one another. It is a miracle!"

Teresa Coppola

"Beatriz is THE BEST Spanish teacher you are likely to encounter! I have studied Spanish through OSU and through LCC, and I learned more from Beatriz in eight weeks than from years with other teachers. She presents the Spanish language in a way that permeates your being without you even realizing it! When I leave her class, I'm unable to speak English for at least 15 minutes! If you have ever experienced frustration trying to learn Spanish in the past, try Beatriz. She combines fun and experience in a way that makes attending her classes a true pleasure. Muchas Gracias!!!"

Peter Ruby

"Beatriz was able to give each of us a lot of individual attention even though we were all at different levels with our Spanish skills. I find her to be a very friendly person with a warm, supportive way of sharing her native language. Beatriz speaks clearly and slowly enough in Spanish and English so that I can understand and do not get frustrated. I also enjoyed her enthusiastic sharing about her Hispanic culture."

Ray and Anne Gross

"We have taken Spanish in several different venues. However, the classes we have taken from Beatriz surpass all the others! She is a native speaker, an excellent instructor and she makes her classes fun as well as challenging! The best for us is that Beatriz can say with authority, the most common way to say in Mexico is..." or "that is common in other countries, but not in Mexico"... or "I would not use that term in that context, because it has meanings that connote something that you do not want to infer." Beatriz has a manner which allows her to correct student errors and have the student feel positive about the correction.

Her "Spanish on the River" workshops are well worth taking! It's like leaving Eugene-Springfield and being dropped into a Mexican home. You work hard, make new friends and eat fantastic Mexican food! "We are delighted to discover Beatriz!"

Mira Sun

"Beatriz's joy in teaching shines through every class! She has an exceptional ability to make learning Spanish a fun-filled and lively experience!"

Jennifer Wouda

"I loved her workshop and have spent the last few days reviewing, digging in deeper, and appreciating what she did for me. I am truly jumping to a new level because of her. Thanks Beatriz!"

Jane and Earnie Rimerman

"Beatriz's classes are great-- always fun, always interesting and taught with humor and enthusiasm. She interacts with her students in a warm, personal way, and she gives life to learning Spanish with stories about her own Mexican family and her experiences in Mexico, from childhood through university. Add to this her knowledge and ability as a linguist and native speaker, and you have a rare opportunity to learn Spanish well."

"Beatriz treats her students with respect and kindness. She is always glad to answer student questions, and she has an amazing ability to talk to the class in Spanish that is at the right level to be understood and to expand our understanding."

"With her encouragement, students start understanding spoken Spanish right away and start speaking it."

Laura Harper

"I have taken Spanish classes with Beatriz for two years,and have enjoyed the classes immensely. Beatriz makes the classes very fun and interesting. The time goes by so fast. Learning to speak Spanish has been my goal for several years. It is something that you must keep up with, because if you don't use it, you lose it. Beatriz's conversational classes have helped me to keep what I've already learned as well as learn new words and phrases. I appreciate learning from a true native speaker."

"I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to learn Spanish, or keep up on their Spanish, would take one of her classes or workshops."

Meredih Clark

"I've taken several classes with Beatriz and am continually impressed by her warmth and humor -- both invaluable assets that make the learning environment relaxed, fun and effective. She is creative and very flexible, tailoring the content and pace of the classes to fit the needs and abilities of her students. She is also great at keeping her students "on task" -- come prepared to leave English at the door and practice your Spanish!"

Jack and Lenore Stratton

"La profesora Beatriz has an unfailing ability to know what a person does not understand & knows how to explain it. Her great patience & sense of humor help us through the complexities of learning a foreign language. We highly recommend any Spanish class taught by Beatriz."

Eugenio K. Beugler

"Beatriz is a teacher of great talent. She has a wide knowledge of both the English and the Spanish language and the rules governing grammar. She is a gifted story teller, often illustrating grammatical points with an appropriate tale from her past."

"A personable young woman, Beatriz is fun to be around and revels in sharing her knowledge with her students. She makes learning Spanish as easy as possible and encourages her students in their efforts to learn the language...All in all, Beatriz is an ideal teacher!"

Jan Tritten

"I noticed that because of our weekend I am able to understand Spanish MUCH better both on TV, and my friends at church. I am able to understand what I read MUCH better as well. I know how much we gain in our time with Beatriz. I totally recognize what a gift this community has in her. Giving others the gift of a new language is such an important calling. Beatriz, thank you so much for answering the call."

Nancy Hughes

"Not only is Beatriz a great teacher, she has a great sense of humor and makes every class loads of fun."

Donna Holleran

"Several things you need to know about Beatriz's workshops:

  • you will learn Spanish
  • you will have fun
  • you will laugh -- A LOT!!

if you have an opportunity to take one of her weekend immersion classes, DO NOT PASS IT UP. Your language skills will improve remarkably in just two or three days (not to mention she is a great cook and will serve wonderful food from her native Mexico.)"